Whose Life is this, Anyway?

My brother Warren once said that the saddest thing he could think of saying at the end of his life is, “I wish I had…”. As we age or for other circumstances near the ends of our lives, or enter another life stage, our bucket list, rather than growing shorter, grows longer.

A line from the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality talks about the shame of “living a life that’s not your own”. What a tragedy. Instead of being and loving from a place of uniqueness, authenticity and spontaneity, we may become facades – the people we think other people need or want us to be. We try to take up as little space in the world as possible; in conversations, in relationships, at work, even before our God (sorry to bother you, Master of the Universe, but…).  The author of Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott, would say that we failed to “come from behind ourselves” and show up as ourselves in the world.

Through this site I hope to inspire you to be courageous in your own life (my  other blog Linda Johnson Leadership hopefully inspires you to be a courageous leader at work, as well).  I share stories, resources for sellf awareness and growth and mentoring tips on living your life – whatever it means; however you come to understand why you’re on this planet for this brief time.

Life is a gift. Open it up!

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